FP7 ICT CONCERTO project deliverables


CONCERTO consortium D1.4. Quality and risk management plan. February 2015.
CONCERTO consortium D1.3. Quality and risk management plan (update). October 2013.
CONCERTO consortium D1.2. Quality and risk management plan. May 2012.
CONCERTO consortium D1.1. Governance structure, communication flow and methods. January 2012.


CONCERTO consortium D2.4. System architecture recommended definition. August 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D2.2v2. Specification of cross layer system architecture. April 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D2.3v2. Cross-layer signaling. April 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D2.3. Cross-layer signaling. November 2013. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D2.2. Specification of cross layer system architecture. May 2013. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D2.1. Use cases, usage models and related requirements. November 2012.


CONCERTO consortium D3.3. Final description and evaluation of solutions for qoe-aware image/video coding. July 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D3.2. Intermediate description of qoe-aware image/video coding and final evaluation of security aspects. October 2013. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D3.1. Description of preliminary algorithms for image/video coding, security and qoe. September 2012. [ .pdf ]


CONCERTO consortium D4.3. Final evaluation of context awareness solutions. May 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D4.2. Intermediate evaluation and specifications of content adaptation solutions. July 2013. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D4.1. Description and evaluation of context-awareness techniques. August 2012. [ .pdf ]


CONCERTO consortium D5.3. Final protocols and algorithms for content-aware networking. July 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D5.2. Content-aware wireless delivery: first schemes and evaluations. May 2013. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D5.1. Comparative study of cooperative communications and networking solutions for mshtm applications. October 2012. [ .pdf ]


CONCERTO consortium D6.5. Report on final validation. March 2015. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D6.4. Demonstrator description and validation plan. December 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D6.3. Concerto simulator: Final architecture and numerical result. November 2014. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D6.2. Specification of the demonstrator. July 2013.
CONCERTO consortium D6.1. Preliminary design and implementation report of the system simulator. October 2012.


CONCERTO consortium D7.6. Update of the dissemination and standardisation plan. February 2015. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D7.7. Update of the dissemination and standardisation plan. February 2015.
CONCERTO consortium D7.4. Update of the dissemination and standardisation plan. March 2013. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D7.5. Update of the exploitation plan. March 2013.
CONCERTO consortium D7.2. Dissemination and standardisation plan. June 2012. [ .pdf ]
CONCERTO consortium D7.3. Exploitation plan. June 2012.
CONCERTO consortium D7.1. Web site, e-mail reflector and ftp. January 2012. [ .pdf ]

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